Drive Your Success – Build it Red!

The REDLINE brand focuses on simplified, smart operations for optimal roadwork results. As an independent range of road construction equipment, REDLINE carries with it the pioneering DNA of Dynapac. Its durable range of highly
efficient rollers, pavers, and compact equipment ensures ideal job outcomes with maximum reliability, safety, and lasting quality. Operational excellence, combined with a comprehensive service and support team give customers the confidence
they need to bring even the toughest of jobs to their successful conclusion. The REDLINE brand promises to deliver effective and durable solutions for our customer’s success now and in the future.


Rely on your Equipment

  • Do not compromise on quality, rely on the REDLINE products
  • Easy operation and proven design ensure homogeneous results
  • Convenient and professional support secures and equipment


Get it done efficiently

  • Easy and simple machine built up provides the operator a clear and efficient working environment
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to a lean machine design
  • Maximize machine efficiency and security with Dynapac Fleet management system


Built for tough work

  • Powerful and durable equipment for demanding applications
  • REDLINE uses high quality components for high wear resistance and long service intervals